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Is Now the Right Time for Me to Paint My House?

First let me say that only you can decide what the right for you in this moment. Coronavirus has made us all reprioritize our lives in ways we could not have imagined only a short time ago. There is no question that this is a stressful time for all of us. Therefore, if you were considering painting the interior of your home before Coronavirus cases increased in the United States, you’re now likely asking “is now really the best tie to have my house painted?” There are few things you may have not taken into consideration when making your decision. It may be one of the best times to have your house painted depending upon your individual circumstances.

Most of us are spending more time in our home than ever. A vast majority of people, who are still working, are working from home. As if the adjustment were not difficult enough already, parents with children in school have also taken over the full time job of teaching their children. Extra meals need to be cooked. Due to increased meals at home, there are extra dishes that need to be cleaned. There are extra groceries that need to be procured. Most of all you are dealing with the increased risk of health issues. All of those things add up to a significantly higher stress level.

Reducing Stress and Why It Is Important Right Now

A vast majority of people are unaware that stress can actually lower your immune system’s ability to function properly. Your mental health will have a profound impact on your physical health. It is paramount that we all keep our immune systems functioning at their highest capacity right now.

So what does this newly added stress have to do with paint or painting? Colors can affect your mood and mental health more than you might think. Each color has its own psychological impact. Those of you who are hearing this for the first time might be skeptical. However, the most prestigious educational and mental health institutions have been documenting the effects colors have on the human mind for decades.

What Colors Can Have a Positive Mental Health Impact?

Certain colors such as blue and green can have a calming effect and even lower blood pressure. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has a page specifically discussing how colors affect your psychological state of mind. You can see that page by clicking here. It is a lengthy read to say the least. Color has three basic characteristics: hue, lightness and chroma. When we are discussing paint colors there are a couple of additional characteristics we need to discuss. Choosing gloss, semi-gloss, or flat paint can change the look, feel, and functionality of the paint. Certain rooms of your home like a bathroom will require a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint to repel water. Choosing the right color in the rooms you are now working in can simultaneously increase your productivity and reduce stress.

Presto Painting Services proudly uses Sherwin Williams high quality paint for all interior painting projects. Sherwin Williams has an endless number of green and blue paint colors to choose from. Choosing the right shade of blue or green for your interior can reduce your stress level and bring a sense of calm into your household. It really makes a difference.

Click Here to see Sherwin Williams selection of Green Paint Colors
Click Here to see Sherwin Williams selection of Blue Paint Colors

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Call us with any additional questions regarding interior painting. If you are curious about our safety protocol and practices during Coronavirus, you can click here to read about what Presto Painting Services is doing to minimize risk. We look forward to helping you transform the interior of your home or business.

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