Frequently Asked Questions

Interior Painting

One coat or two?

  • Unless we will be re-coating with the same color, we will apply 2 coats to give the walls the complete coverage to get the desired color.

Should we have accent walls?

  • We will be more than happy to do a walk through of your home and give my advice of where and when to have accent colors. If more help is needed we can recommend interior design consultants.

How can we be sure that we like the color prior to painting?

  • Once given the job we will bring over a color fan deck so that you can decide on colors for your home. We recommend ordering sample sheets from to apply peel and stick samples to your walls.

What type of paint is used?

  • We normally use Sherwin Williams brand paint due to their quality, range of locations throughout Florida and their great customer support when needed.

How long does the painting process take?

  • Depending on the size of the job . A walk through of the job will be necessary.

What is the best way to get the price for a job?

  • Call or email to set an appointment so that we can quickly measure the job to be done as well as the types of paint needed?

Do we repaint ceilings or not?

  • We would be happy to walk the job with you and give my opinion of what absolutely needs to be done and what can wait or can be left off of the list.

How do you handle nail holes in the walls?

  • We will fill and texture over any holes that need to be covered up.

Who purchases the paint?

  • We prefer rather to purchase the paint for several reasons. First, we get great pricing with many local paint stores, It is our job to run to the store when more paint is needed. And secondly, to give a warranty for the work done, we would need to use the paint that we are satisfied and familiar with.

Who moves the furniture?

  • We will gladly move any large furniture. We just ask that you move any small items and breakables.

Do you remove wallpaper?

  • We will need to take a look at the wallpaper to be removed first.

Do you cover floors and furniture?

  • Yes. All floors and furniture will be covered prior to painting.

Exterior Questions

How will I make color choices?

  • There are a couple of great online tools that are available for selecting the perfect color for your project. The ColorSnap® Visualizer, offered by Sherwin Williams, provides over 1,500 paint colors to peruse so you can get an early idea of the best shade. For real world application, we also recommend taking advantage of the service Samplize® that can help you find colors from multiple paint brands. After you’ve chosen your colors, you can order stickers of to peel and stick to your walls to help you choose the right shade. Visit the ColorSnap® Visualizer and Samplize® and turn that idea into reality.

What goes into the preparation?

  • We will start by pressure washing all surfaces to be painted, then we will apply an elastomeric caulk to any areas with cracks where water penetration may occur. Then we will cover any windows, lights and any fixtures not to be painted. We will then apply a sealer to ensure the paint will adhere properly.

Do you prefer spraying or rolling when applying the paint?

  • Every property is different. We will spray and/or roll all surfaces to assure proper coverage for color as well as to meet paint manufacturer specifications.

What paint supplier do you use?

  • We normally use Sherwin Williams brand paint due to their quality. They offer a range of locations throughout Florida and they also provide great customer support when needed.

Do you offer a warranty?

  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all jobs interior or exterior. For exterior painting, we offer a 5 year workmanship warranty.

A quick meeting at your home or property will answer all of these questions and others not listed. Remember, every customers job is unique. Schedule an appointment over the phone at 813.727.9909 or send a message below.

    Ask about our 100% satisfaction guarantee.