Exterior and Interior Paint Color Scheme Ideas

Whether you are choosing exterior paint color ideas or you are looking for interior paint color schemes, finding the right paint colors can be challenging. That’s why the personal touch painting process we have created, is designed to put your mind at ease.

Presto Painting Services professional painters will provide your with a paint color fan deck to help you select your paint color schemes. Because we understand that sometimes you just have to see it on the wall, our painting crews will even bring over paint color samples that you choose and apply paint to the wall to test the color for your satisfaction…and Presto, you have the ideal look you were envisioning.

Visualize Your Paint Colors!

Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer tool-sm

If you are in the planning stages and not yet ready to work with a Presto Painting Services professional, there are a couple of great tools available that can help you visualize your paint colors. Sherwin Williams offers their ColorSnap® Visualizer that can help you choose from over 1,500 Sherwin Williams paint colors. Samplize® is a service that can help you find colors from multiple paint brands. You can order stickers of the colors to peel and stick to your walls to help you choose the right shade.

Test your painting color scheme ideas without touching paint or a brush.

This painting color visualization tool will save you time and money.


Benefits of the Sherwin William paint color visualizer:

  • Choose from 1,500 different Sherwin William paint colors
  • Craft a painting color scheme that fits with your painting project vision
  • Pick the right paint colors for your house painting or commercial painting project.
Paint Colors

A Presto Painting Services Expert is available to help you select the perfect colors for your project.

Exterior Paint Color Tips

Picking exterior house paint colors can be a difficult, nerve wracking process.

Here are a few paint color selection tips to help you with your choices:

  1. Check your home owners association or community to see if there are color palette restrictions for your neighborhood.
  2. Look at features of your home that won’t be painted like brick, stone, tile, and roof shingles. Your paint color scheme will need to work with those elements that will not be painted.
  3. Consider house paint durability. Dark colors can be a challenging maintenance concern, and may fade.
  4. Walk or drive your neighborhood for paint color scheme ideas.
  5. Once you have considered all of the above, you should try to narrow down paint color siding options to two or three. Our professional painters will help you test your color options.

We offer a 5 year workmanship warranty on all exterior painting.

Interior Paint Color Ideas

Interior paint color schemes can be as equally a nerve wracking challenge as exterior paint color choices.

Here are a few paint color ideas to consider for your project:

  1. For interior paint color schemes, consider the colors of your furniture, flooring, and window coverings. Your scheme will need to work with these.
  2. Decide on the mood you want to create for each room. Lively, invigorating might?  Cozy and intimate? These might be best expressed with reds, oranges, yellows, and beige. Serene? You might consider blues, greens, violets or grays.
  3. Will you want a monochromatic scheme based on a single hue with variations in lightness and darkness, for instance?
  4. Would you prefer an analogous scheme combining similar colors like red, orange and yellow.
  5. Another consideration is a complimentary scheme using opposing colors, creating contrast between warm and cool colors for instance.
  6. Not sure which way to go? Your Presto Painting Services professional painters can help you with your paint color selection.

A quick meeting at your home or property will provide help with paint color questions and all other Presto Painting Services “personal touch painting process” questions. Remember every painting project is unique.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all jobs interior or exterior.