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    We are delighted to see you are visiting the page of our website dedicated to the Carrollwood area. Presto Painting Services is the best painting company to hire in Carrollwood for all of your painting needs. We provide the highest quality of interior and exterior painting services to residential and commercial clients in the greater Carrollwood area. Presto Painting Services’ dedication to providing our clients with the best overall experience, prices, and quality of craftsmanship has made us the number one choice of Carrollwood area residents. Call Presto Painting Services today to start the process of getting your no-pressure estimate.

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    The Benefits of Choosing Presto Painting Services

    There are a lot of painting companies to choose from in the Carrollwood area. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why should I choose Presto Painting Services for my painting project?” We intend to help you answer that question on this page of our website.

    Here a few reasons why Presto Painting Services is the best painting company to choose for your painting needs.

    • Experience – The level of experience a painting company has will dramatically impact the outcome of a painting project. That is why all Presto Painting Services contractors all have extensive experience in the painting industry. We have deliberately chosen team members who have the experience necessary to consistently produce the highest quality results for our customers.
    • Reputation – We are thankful to have been able to work for such a large number of residential and commercial property owners over our many years in business. Presto Painting Services’ reputation is largely responsible for our consistent growth. We have been able to maintain an impeccable reputation over the years by giving all of our customers the best overall experience possible. Our company has carefully thought about each interaction a customer has in their journey with us. It is our goal to continuously make improvements to our processes to ensure you have the best possible experience with our company. Presto Painting Services’ wants to make sure our customers are always comfortable recommending us to friends, neighbors, business associates, and family members. Please take a few moments and read our reviews on Google from past customers in Carrollwood.
    • Preparation for Painting – When we are going to be painting the interior or exterior, we spend a great deal of time and effort preparing the surfaces we will be painting. Additionally, we dedicate the time needed to protect all areas that are not intended to be painted. Presto Painting Services will remove all large furniture if we are painting on the interior of a home or business. We will also patch all nail holes which need to be covered in order to create a smooth surface for painting. If we are painting on the exterior of your home or commercial building, we will pressure wash the surface we will be painting. Then we will fill any cracks which would allow water to penetrate the exterior with caulk. Presto Painting Services believes that great results start with a meticulous preparation process. You will find that our attention to detail is second to none.
    • Color & Quality Paint – When you have chosen Presto Painting Services as your painting company, we will bring you what is called a color fan deck. You can also go to Sherwin Williams website to look at the full range of colors you have to choose from. We will purchase all of the paint for the project. Presto Painting Services uses Sherwin Williams paint because they have high quality of paints at great prices. Additionally, they are an established company with a longstanding history of creating the highest quality of paints. Furthermore, Sherwin Williams has several physical locations throughout the Carrollwood area, so we are able to pickup paint quickly and easily.
    • Paint Application –There are some questions we receive often when it comes to the process of applying paint. One of the first questions we are asked is whether we apply two coats of paint or one. We will always apply two coats of paint unless we are going to be recoating with the same color on paint. Our clients also frequently ask whether or not we repaint ceilings. We like to inspect each property to determine whether or not it is necessary to repaint the ceiling. Presto Painting Services also uses a mixture of both paint sprayers and rollers. Every property is different. Therefore, we like to use the method we know will provide the best results.
    • Warranty – We understand the importance of standing behind our work. That is why Presto Painting Services has a 5 year workmanship warranty on all exterior painting projects. In addition to our exterior painting warranty we also have a satisfaction guarantee. We are confident in our company’s capabilities so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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    The best way to get all of your questions answered regarding your painting project is to give us a call. We will be glad to schedule a meeting at your home or commercial property to discuss your project. Presto Painting Services takes an informative and no-pressure approach to our quote process. It is our goal to make sure you are at ease and are able to get answers to any questions you have regarding our company or the painting process. Every project is different so we like to personally walk the property so we can give you a competitive and accurate quote. Call Presto Painting Services today to schedule your estimate. You can also reach out to us below.

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